expanda-stand Carousels


Specially designed carousels featuring fully interchangeable brochure display pockets. Available in many combinations.
  • Easily transportable to high traffic areas for maximum exposure.
  • Assembled in minutes
  • Lightweight yet sturdy construction
  • 5 legged base for added safety
  • Modular design. Carousel pockets are fully interchangeable with brochure holders.
  • Fully adjustable locations for "spinners".
  • Provision for two or four way signs on top of carousel.
  • Unique tree sided design to show your brochures from any direction.

All carousels are 1650mm high x 610mm wide.

Different Combinations can be achieved as shown below.

C 18A4 36TF- 3

Consists of 18 x A4 Brochure Holders + 36 Tri Fold Brochure Holders

C 36TF - 3

Consists of 36 Trifold Brochure Holders



C 72TF - 3

Consists of 72 x Trifold Brochure Holders


Consists of 18 x A5 Brochure Holders


C 18A4 6A5 12 TF - 3

Consists of 18 x A4 Brochure Holders, 6 A5 Brochure Holders and 12 Trifold Brochure Holders.



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