expanda-stand Combinations

Brochure displays expand as your business grows. One can take advantage of displaying the additional brochures by simply adding another brochure holder to the existing set.

Different combinations can also be achieved as shown below:

Interlocking Trifold Display

Using 2 x V110 plus VS80

Interlocking Trifold Display with A 4 Brochure Holder

Using 2 x V110 plus 1 x V225 plus 2 x VS80

Trifold Desktop Combination

7 Trifold holders 320mm high x 440mm wide.


  • The holders lock onto each other for a stable display.
  • Combinations can be done in A4 & A5 and Trifold Brochure Holders
  • Excellent visibility of brochures in second display.
  • Versatile and economical.




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